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Mazda 3 (3rd Gen) Test Bench

Description: This is my first attempt to create a test bench. Goal is to gain an understanding of the process in order to create a functional test bench and perform research on the data and behavior of the ECUs.

Start Date: 04/07/18

Website: n/A


Time: 6-9pm

Location: Crash Industries

Automated CAN Bus Reverse Engineering

Description: Coming Soon

Start Date: TBD

Website: Coming Soon


Time: None

Location: TBD

Mad Max Self Driving RC Car Challenge

Description: At Defcon 2018 there will be an RC self driving challenge. See rules Mad Max Self Driving Challenge

Start Date: 05/05/2018

Website: CarHackingVillage

Contact: Open Garages Mailing List

Open Garage Project. Can be done independently or at any local open garage.

Time: None

Location: Any OpenGarages