Operation costs

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The operation costs of a vehicle are made up by the purchase price of the vehicle, durability of its components, longivity of the vehicle as a whole, fuel costs, and fuel consumption per km/mile (aka fuel economy).

Fuel costs

Conventional fuels for vehicle use are gasoline, diesel and LPG. Let's take a closer look at the prices thereof, for both Europe and the USA:

Fossil fuel prices USA Fossil fuel prices EU (France)
Gasoline 3,45 $/gallon (or 0,69 $/liter) 1,5 €/liter
Diesel 2,586 $/gallon (or 0,52 $/liter) 1,4 €/liter - LPG 0,56 $/liter 0,8 €/liter


Data for the fossil fuel prices (2016-2017) were obtained from