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Hybrid vehicle conversion

At the moment, I mentioned that the kits to convert an internal combustion engine vehicle to a hybrid tend to be quite expensive, difficult to install and as a consequence, the user isn't able to regain his investment.

That's a correct statement, but it only relates to conversion kits that add electric engine propulsion to the internal combustion engine vehicle. It probably isn't correct for kits that convert internal combustion engine vehicle to a different kind of hybrid. What I'm thinking of is internal combustion engine-flywheel energy storage hybrids.

For the first one, I was thinking that kits may be available that allow the car to regain the power stored in its flywheel. More precisely, when stuck in traffick, and when the engine is turned off, the energy in the flywheel could be reused by raising the clutch footpedal (so without needing to have the engine running -on idle-). This may all ready work at present, by pressing in the clutch footpedal and then turning off the engine with the car key, after which the clutch pedal can be raised. That said, it's difficult to do all this in real life traffic, especially since you need to take care not to rotate the car key too far so that you don't disconnect the battery (power). Another issue is that the flywheel is probably not really able to store much power, since it's just too lightweight.

The solution to make this all more convenient/practical would be to have kits that allow someone to get rid of the car key turn switch to stop the engine completely (by replacing it with an "engine start/stop button" and also have a switch to "activate/deactive the battery/power". This way, only the first switch can be flipped while driving, and the other (battery power) can be kept on untill the car has reached its destination/parked. The kit can also contain weights (in the same metal as the flywheel) so it can be welded unto the existing flywheel to increase its weight/energy storage capacity. So far no kits like that exist, though manufacturers of regular push button kits might integrate start to sell such kits in due time. When that happens, we can mention them here at opengarages.

If someone knows of any people that did such conversions, we can mention them here. ECU Modder (talk) 01:15, 2 February 2017 (PST)