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Open Garages

Vehicle Research Labs

Open Garages are Vehicle Research Labs (VRL) centered around understanding the increasingly complex vehicle systems. Open Garages provide public access, documentation and tools necessary to understand today's modern vehicle systems. With the ever increasing complexity of modern vehicles it is imperative that the community understand how these systems work. With understanding, it is possible to repair the vehicle, improve its capabilities and identify potential security risks. Open Garages provide access to equipment and work to build tools to make further research open and easier to access to other communities through the use of Open Source Hardware and Software wherever possible.

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Find an Open Garage near you


Looking for a nearby Open Garage? Search here to see if anybody has started one in your area. Find a local Open Garage

Start your own

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Interested in starting your own Open Garage? We are here to help you get started. We provide a framework that you can pick and choose from to build a garage that works best for you. Found out more

Resources and tools


We are working to collect information and tools that are open source and help get you started on your research. These include useful documentation, tools, PCB board layouts and many other things that you will want to have in your VRL. Check out the tools

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