Car Hacker's Handbook

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Car Hacker's Handbook

The latest version of the Car Hacker's Handbook is published by No Starch Press and can be found here:

There was an older version called the Car Hacker's Manual 2014 or Car Hacker's Handbook 2014. Both the 2014 and the 2016 version are open source and can be found here:

The Lost Chapters

There are chapters in the Car Hacker's Handbook that didn't make it into the final print. These chapters maybe got cut from the original, are new chapters or are just modified too much to survive that long in print. Below are some of those chapters:

Video series

If you want to see a video series on the Car Hacker's Handbook, we have a YouTube channel dedicated to it!! Watch the intro video: If you click subscribe we can show the need for more videos and use that to get sponsors, so please subscribe if you are interested!